Christian Goldberg, owner and practitioner

MindBody Energetics, Inc. is my small business dedicated to helping people improve their lives. Everyone needs support in different ways at various phases in life. I offer services to support people along the entire journey toward optimal health.

Shiatsu is the foundation of my therapy services. Using the meridian pathways commonly associated with acupuncture this technique addresses the human being on physical, mental and emotional levels. Shiatsu is a Japanese "mat" style, like other body therapies of Asia, and is always done with the receiver clothed. This bodywork technique is compatible with most massage and therapeutic modalities. My commitment as a Shiatsu Practitioner is to educate and empower people to actively participate in their health. See my Shiatsu page for more information and to book an appointment at one of my office locations in Boulder, CO.

Kettlebell Sport lifting is the focus of my personal training service. The proper use of kettlebells in Kettlebell Sport training develops whole body conditioning and the athletic components of flexibility, speed, strength, agility, and endurance. The Longmont Kettlebell Club meets once per week to provide opportunities for anyone who wants to learn Kettlebell Sport in a group setting. I currently offer private Kettlebell Sport training sessions, online coaching/programming for competition goals, and Kettlebell Sport mentoring. See my Kettlebell Fitness page for more details.

The powerful pharmacy of essential oils and supplements from Young Living are the core of my healing and nutritional recommendations. Young Living not only empowers our health with top quality product, it empowers our prosperity with business potentials. I am honored to support new Young Living members as an enroller/sponsor.

For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact me at:
Phone: 303.514.1445

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